Tohi Aronia Berry Antioxidant Beverages, 12 oz Cans, 12 Pack (Variety Pack)


Help boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and enhance muscle recovery with an antioxidant pick-me-up. Tohi beverages get their free-radical fighting power from the natural juice of antioxidant-rich Aronia Berries, which have more antioxidants than any berry you’ve probably ever eaten. Antioxidants are believed to improve heart, bone, brain, and immune health by inhibiting the oxidation of free-radicals, which are unstable and damaging molecules born from the environmental stresses of everyday life. All four flavors of Tohi are made with 5 natural ingredients, have no added sugar (naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit), and have just 45 calories, all while delivering powerful antioxidant benefits (330mg of polyphenols and 120mg of anthocyanins from Aronia Berries per 12 oz serving).

About the product
  • Unmatched levels of antioxidants in Aronia Berries help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and enhance muscle recovery
  • Anthocyanins in Aronia Berries help regulate and balance energy levels
  • Naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit (no added sugar or artificial sweeteners)
  • Tohi drinks are non-carbonated, have 45 calories per 12 oz serving, and are made with just 5 ingredients
  • Four flavors, same benefits. Tohi Original, Ginger Lime, Dragon Fruit, and Blackberry Raspberry.

Important information

IngredientsWater, Single-Strength Aronia Juice, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Monk Fruit Extract

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